Femodene ED Contraceptive Pill

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Femodene ED is a contraceptive pill that contains two hormones, oestrogen and progestogen. It is manufactured by Bayer and has a very high success rate when used correctly. It is classed as a low dose pill and contains 30mg of ethinylestradiol, the oestrogen derivative and 75mg of gestodene which classifies as a 3rd generation form of progestogen.

Femodene ED is an every day pill that contains a low dose of the hormones needed to prevent pregnancy. Unlike 21-day pills, you will take one pill a day for 28 days. Each strip contains the right amount of pills for a cycle and you do not have pill free breaks because Femodene ED has 7 inactive pills that you take instead of having a break, which do not contain any hormones. This pill is good for people who would rather take a pill every day rather than remember to start on the correct day.

This form of contraceptive pill works just like the majority of contraceptive pills. It stops an egg from being released from the ovary, thickens the mucous lining and thins the uterus wall.  These three mechanisms are what make the contraceptive pill such an effective method of contraception as it doesn’t just prevent pregnancy in one way but has back up mechanisms that will greatly reduce the chance of pregnancy.

Its effectiveness is what makes the pill such a popular method of contraception. It is very efficient and you just have to remember to take one pill a day every day from your pack in order to protect you from pregnancy. Therefore, it is a very indiscrete method of contraception and does not interfere with sex. Also, a bonus of the pill is that your periods will be lighter and shorter as it thins the uterus lining. Your periods may also be as painful as it is the breaking down of the uterus lining that causes the cramping. If there is less uterus lining to break down, then there will be less pain. However, the major downside of any contraceptive pill is that it will not protect you against any type of sexually transmitted disease.

There are two different types of pill within one strip of Femodene ED. The active pills contain the hormones and are white pills whereas the inactive ones do not contain any hormones and are larger than the active pills. Both pills contain lactose, maize starch, magnesium stearate, talc, sucrose, calcium carbonate, montan glycol wax, macrogol 6000 and polyvidone.  Therefore, if you are lactose intolerant, you should tell your doctor.

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