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A brand of combined contraceptive pill manufactured by Bayer is Qlaira. It is a very effective method of contraception with a 99% success rate if used correctly. It has a number of mechanisms by which it prevents pregnancy and it does so by using two hormones naturally found in the body that control the menstrual cycle.

Qlaira contains varying amounts of the hormones estradiol valerate and dienogest. The first is an oestrogen derivative, which gets converted to the active form once in the body, and the latter is the progestogen derivative. These work by preventing an egg from being released, thickening the mucous fluid and thinning the uterus lining.

There are five different types of pill within one strip. In this form of the contraceptive pill, you take a pill every day. Four of the types are active and one type is inactive. There are two dark yellow pills that contain 3mg of estradiol valerate, five light red pills contains 2mg estradiol valerate and 2mg dienogest, 17 light yellow pill containing 2 mg estradiol valerate and 3mg dienogest and 2 dark red pills containing 1 mg estradiol valerate. There are also two white pills that do not contain active ingredients. You must take a pill every day in the correct order for the pill to be effective. The fluctuations in the pills hormones are supposed to mimic the body so that you do not have as many side effects.

There are a number of advantages to using Qlaira. The pill is very effective and reliable if you use it correctly. It is also easily reversible and a very discrete method that does not interfere with sex. You know when in the cycle your period will occur because it usually starts when you take the dark red tablets so therefore your periods are regulated and usually much lighter. The only disadvantage of the contraceptive pill is that it does not protect you from sexually transmitted infections.

Each pill contains different amounts of the active hormones. There are also a number of inactive ingredients that are present in all the pills.  These include lactose, maize starch, monohydrate, pregelatinised starch, magnesium stearate and povidone.

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