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There are two types of contraceptive pill, the combined contraceptive and the progestogen only pill. Micronor is a progestogen only pill and is often referred to as the mini pill. It is manufactured by the company Janssen. It only contains one hormone that controls your menstrual cycle and protects you from pregnancy.

It is a low dose form of contraception and is classed as a 28-day pill. You take one pill per day, every day without taking a break. Each pill will contain 350 micrograms of norethisterone, which is a derivative of progestogen. Unlike the combined contraceptive pill, it doesn’t contain any oestrogen. It prevents pregnancy by thickening the mucous fluid and thinning the uterus lining.

The progestogen only pill does have a number of advantages. It is taken every day unlike the 21-day pill so there is no issue with remembering to restart the contraceptive pill. It is also a very effective method of protection and will be just as successful as other contraceptive pills if used correctly. It is easily reversible and it does not interrupt sex, which is an added bonus. Usually, it will make your periods regular as well as lighter and shorter but this is not guaranteed with this form of the contraceptive pill. It may also help with pre menstrual cramps. Oestrogen can cause a number of side effects in women and as this form of the contraceptive pill does not contain this hormone, the side effects will not be as severe. However, it will not protect your from any sexually transmitted diseases as only a condom will do so and if you miss a pill, you will not be protected from pregnancy.

Every pill contains the hormone progestogen so you are keeping the levels of the hormone constant throughout the cycle. This is different to the combined contraceptive pill, which has a seven-day break where no hormones are added to your system. Aside from the active ingredients, the pill also contains lactose, pregelatinised starch and magnesium stearate.

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