How Does Synphase Prevent Pregnancy?

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Synphase is very effective at reducing the chance of pregnancy because it uses three mechanisms in order to prevent it. If used correctly, the pill can stop pregnancy and there is a minimal chance that you will fall pregnant whilst using it. Incorrect use is the main cause of pregnancy whilst using Synphase.

In order to become pregnant, a sperm must fertilise an egg. This can only happen if both cells are present. Therefore, if you prevent the egg from being released, you can reduce the risk of pregnancy. The pill does so by supplying a constant level of hormones into the blood stream. These hormones are normally involved in stimulating egg release and preparing the womb for pregnancy and do so by fluctuating levels. The high level of hormones that the pill supplies, tricks the body into thinking that it has already ovulated. Therefore, no egg will actually be released in a cycle and it is unlikely that you will fall pregnant.

Another way to prevent pregnancy is to stop the sperm. Normally, the sperm have to traverse the womb in order to reach the egg and this is quite a daunting task. Millions of sperm are released and not many complete the journey. The pill makes this journey even harder by providing an additional barrier. There is a natural mucous that lines the neck of the womb and the pill acts upon this, making it thicker. This viscous fluid then acts like a plug to the womb and the sperm have great difficulty in swimming through it. Therefore it is less likely that a sperm will reach an egg in the first place.

The final way to prevent pregnancy is a fail-safe mechanism so that if the other two mechanisms fail, there is still a way to prevent a successful pregnancy. When an egg is fertilised, it then needs to embed into the uterus wall in order to grow. This wall is thick at the time of ovulation to give the best possible chance of implantation. The pill makes this layer a lot thinner so it is very difficult for the egg to attach and a fertilised egg cannot lead to pregnancy.

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