Noriday Contraceptive Pill

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Noriday is a contraceptive pill that is manufactured by the company Pfizer. It only contains one hormone so it is different to the combined contraceptive pills and it is known as a progestogen only pill or a “mini” pill. If used correctly, the pill will prevent pregnancy by acting upon your menstrual cycle.

The pill contains 0.35 mg of Norethisterone, which is the hormone derivative of progestogen. It does not contain oestrogen so therefore it does not class as a combined pill. Each pill of Noriday contains the same amount of hormone and you must take a pill every day at the same time in order to protect you from pregnancy. With this form of the contraceptive pill, you do not have a pill free break and you must take a pill every day.

The pill prevents pregnancy by thickening the vaginal mucous and thinning the uterus wall. Sometimes, it prevents an egg from being released but this is not guaranteed to happen in all women who use Noriday. These mechanisms make the contraceptive pill a very effective method of contraception and if used correctly it is 99% effective. It is also easily reversible so if you want to try for a baby, you simply stop using it. It also does not interfere with sex and it is a very convenient form of contraception. However, it does not protect you from any sexually transmitted infections, as the only contraception that can do so is a condom. Also, if you are more than three hours late in taking the pill, you will not be protected from pregnancy.

Each pill contains the same amount of hormone and a number of inactive ingredients. These include lactose, maize starch, polyvidone and stearate. Therefore, if you have sugar intolerance, you will need to mention this to your doctor.

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