Advantages of Binovum

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Binovum provides the same benefits as the majority of the combined contraceptive pills.  However, as it is a biphasic pill, it offers an advantage over the monophasic pills. The levels of hormones differ within the pills, depending on the point of the cycle in order to follow the body’s change in hormones. If it can imitate the body’s natural cycle, it means that there are less side effects. Reviews of Binovum have shown that some women, who experience unpleasant side effects such as headaches with monophasic pills, have found their side effects reduced when switching to Binovum.

The pill also is a very convenient, efficient method of contraception. It needs to be taken once a day, every day and that will protect you from pregnancy. It does not interfere with sex and it is not noticeable by others that you are on this method of contraception.  Not to mention it has a very high success rate when used correctly.

It is also easily reversible. If you want to try for a baby or just want to stop using the contraception, you simply finish your cycle and then stop using Binovum. It does not affect your fertility and your menstrual cycle will return to normal a few months after stopping the pill.

Binovum can sometimes be used to control heavy or irregular periods in women. The thinning of the uterus lining can restrict the blood flow so that your period is shorter and lighter. Many women experience cramping in the uterus area due to the uterus lining breaking down but as there is not as much to breakdown, the pain is lessened when using the pill. Also, it helps to regulate your period, so if you have trouble with when your period is going to occur, the pill can help your body get into a regular once a month rhythm.

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