Cilest and Pregnancy

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If you believe that you may be pregnant and you are using Cilest, you need to contact your doctor and confirm your pregnancy. Once you know that you are pregnant, you must stop taking Cilest. Take a pregnancy test to see if you are pregnant and contact your doctor who can advise you on what your next step will be.

Cilest and breast-feeding

If you have had a baby and are breast-feeding, it is not advised that you take Cilest. The pill can reduce the amount of milk that you produce so you may not produce enough to meet the demands of your baby. Also, the pill can be passed on to your baby in the breast milk and although there is no evidence that it is harmful to the baby’s development, these findings are not conclusive.  The doctor may decide that it is ok to start taking the pill whilst breast feeding but most advise that you use another method of contraception to use during the time you are breast feeding in order to give your baby the milk it needs.

Starting Cilest after birth

If you want to use Cilest as a method of birth control after you have had a baby, you can start taking your first cycle 21 days after giving birth. In this instance, you will receive immediate protection from pregnancy. You do not have to start on the 21st day but if you start any time after, you will need to use additional contraception for seven days whilst your body becomes used to the pill. You should not start before the 21st day.

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