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Femodene is the same pill as Femodene ED except for the fact that it is a 21-day pill. It is made by the same manufacturer, Bayer, and contains the same amounts of ethinylestradiol and gestodene.

It is a monophasic pill, which means that every pill in the pack will contain 75mg of gestodene and 35mg of ethinylestradiol. Each strip contains 21 pills, all with active hormones within them. You start the pack in the same way by starting on the first day of your period to provide immediate protection. You then take one pill a day every day until you finish the 21-pill strip. This is the part where Femodene differs from Femodene ED. You will now have seven days where you do not take any pills and this is your withdrawal bleed week. You experience a withdrawal bleed that is similar to that of a period except it doesn’t last as long and isn’t a heavy flow. Then on the eighth pill free day, you start a new pack of Femodene in order to remain protected from pregnancy.

If you are bad at remembering to take pills, then Femodene is not the right contraception for you because you have a period where you have seven pill free days and you need to remember to start the next strip on the correct day otherwise you will not be protected from pregnancy. However, this is the only difference between Femodene and Femodene ED. They have the same risk factors, same side effects and same interactions with other medications. The advice on taking Femodene and pregnancy is also the same as Femodene ED. It also protects you from pregnancy by stopping eggs from being released, thickening the mucous and thinning the uterus wall. Literally, the only difference between Femodene ED and Femodene is how you take the contraception so make sure you fully understand which contraceptive pill you are taking in order for the pill to be effective.

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