Femodette and Pregnancy

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Femodette should not be taken if you are pregnant so if you suspect that you may be pregnant, get a pregnancy test immediately and talk to your doctor to confirm this. The pill is designed to protect you from pregnancy so it will not create a favorable environment for your baby to grow.

Trying to get pregnant

If you want to try for a baby and you are using the contraceptive pill, it is very easy to reverse its effects. You should finish the strip of pills you are using and then stop taking Femodette. Your fertility will not have been affected by using the pill but it may take a few months for your body to return to its normal cycle. As doctors use your last period as an indicator to work out your due date, you are best to wait until you have had a proper period before you try for a baby.

Femodette and breast-feeding

Usually, you will be advised against using Femodette whilst you are breast-feeding. The oestrogen levels in the pill will affect your milk production and reduce the flow of milk so you may not produce a sufficient amount to feed your child. Also, you can pass on small amounts to your baby. It is best to find another method of contraception until your baby has been weaned off breast milk.

Starting Femodette after birth

If you are not breast-feeding, you can start Femodette 21-days after the birth of your child. This will provide you immediate protection from pregnancy. You should not start taking the pill before this time but you can take it any time after. If you do so, you will not be protected from pregnancy and will need additional contraception for at least seven days.

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