Femulen and Other Medications

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The success of Femulen can be reduced by a number of medications so if you are using them in the long term, it is best to find another method of contraception that is not so affected by them. Some medications can stop the pill working completely whilst others reduce its effects.

Drugs that are used to treat epilepsy usually render the pill ineffective. It depends which drug you are using so talk to your doctor and see if your medication will have adverse interactions with Femulen. Also, if you need to take antibiotics, you will not be protected from pregnancy, as the antibiotics will render the pill ineffective. If you need to use this form of medication for the long term, you should switch to another form of contraception but if you are going to be using the antibiotics for less than two weeks then you should continue but use additional contraception.

Any medication that is used to treat tuberculosis or arthritis will have adverse effects on the pill. Also, some sedatives such as barbiturates will have a similar effect. There is also a herbal remedy called St Johns wort that is used to treat depression and this will also interfere with the pills success.

There are a number of other medications that may or may not be affected by Femulen so you should check with your doctor before they prescribe you the pill. Also, if you are using the pill and are prescribed other medication, tell your doctor what brand of pill you are using so that they can check whether there are any adverse effects. If there is an interaction between the two medications, your doctor may change the dose of the one medication or decide that Femulen is a unsuitable form of contraception for you to use.

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