How Does Noriday Work?

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Noriday uses the same three mechanisms as all contraceptive pills to prevent pregnancy. However, in some women, one of the mechanisms may not always work. These mechanisms make the pill so effective as long as it is used correctly.

The pills first mechanism works by thickening the mucous fluid that lines the neck of the womb. This is a natural substance that helps to keep the area clean and healthy. If you make this fluid thicker, it becomes more viscous and it is very hard for the sperm to swim through. It is like adding an additional barrier between the sperm and the egg, which most sperm will not be able to cross. Therefore, this mechanism greatly reduces the chance of a sperm meeting an egg.

The pill also prevents a fertilised egg from attaching to the uterus wall. Normally, the uterus wall thickens, ready for a fertilised egg to embed into the lining. The pill will thin this lining so that it is very difficult for the egg to implant into the wall. If the egg cannot attach, the foetus cannot grow and the fertilised egg will not develop into a successful pregnancy.

The pills third mechanism is very effective at preventing pregnancy but it does not always work in women who use Noriday. The pill affects egg release and sometimes, it can stop an egg from being released from the ovary by tricking the body into thinking that it has already ovulated. If there is no egg released, there is nothing for the sperm to fertilise and you will not fall pregnant. Although the pill uses this mechanism, it doesn’t work in some women.

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