Loestrin and Pregnancy

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You should not take any form of contraceptive pill whilst you are pregnant, so if you think that you may be pregnant get a pregnancy test and contact your doctor to confirm. There is also no point using the contraceptive pill, as it aims to protect you from pregnancy.

Trying for a baby

The best thing about the contraceptive pill is that it is easily reversible. If you want to try for a baby, you can stop taking the contraceptive pill when you have finished your cycle. It may take a couple of months for your periods to return to normal and you may not fall pregnant in this time but the contraceptive pill does not affect your fertility levels. Also, it is best to wait until you have had a regular period, before you try for a baby. When you become pregnant, the doctor will ask when you last period was to determine the due date of your child so its best to know exactly when your last period was.


You should not use Loestrin whilst you are breast-feeding. Your milk flow could be reduced because the oestrogen in the pill can stop your milk production. You can also pass some of the hormones through the milk to your child, and although there are no cases where this has caused harm, the evidence is not conclusive. Therefore, you are advised to wait until you have finished breast-feeding before you start the contraceptive pill.

Starting the pill after birth

As long as you are not breast feeding, are fully mobile and have not had any complications with the birth, you can start using Loestrin 21 days after you have delivered. You will be protected from pregnancy immediately. You can start using the pill anytime after this period but you will not have protection from pregnancy straight away and will need to use another method of contraception for seven days.

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