Logynon and Other Medications

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In some instances, taking Logynon in conjunction with other medications can have adverse effects. Sometimes, the effect of the pill is reduced or the pill is rendered ineffective by other medications and sometimes the pill itself can change the effects of other medicines. Therefore, to ensure that the pill is working effectively, you should tell your doctor if you are using any other medication to make sure that there is no adverse interactions between the two.

Epilepsy medication can stop the pill from working effectively and most drugs used to treat this condition will affect the pill in some way. Also, if you take any antibiotics or anti fungal medication to treat infection such as griseofulvin, the pill will not be effective. Some sedatives can also cause a similar effect, especially if you are taking barbiturates. Phenylbutazone, which is an anti-inflammatory medicine, will also reduce the success of the contraceptive pill. Therefore, if you are going to be using the medication for short-term use, you can continue with the pill but you will need additional contraception whilst you are using the medication and for a week afterwards. However, it is advised that you seek another method of contraception that will not be affected by your medication if you need to use it for the long term.

The pill is not just affected by prescribed medicines but it also has some interactions with herbal remedies. The most common one that reduced the pills effectiveness is St John’s Wort, which is used to treat depression so you should not use these two medications in conjunction. It is best to check with your doctor to make sure your herbal remedy will not cause an adverse effect on the contraceptive pill.

The pill can also affect some medications that you may take. For instance, if you take anti-diabetic drugs or insulin, the pill may alter their effects on the body and you may need to chance your dose. If this is the case, your doctor will determine what is the best course of action.

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