Medications and Gedarel

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Some medications have interactions with Gedarel and make the pill less effective or some can be affected by the pill and cause problematic side effects. You need to tell your doctor if you are on medication or tell your doctor if you have been prescribed another medicine whilst using Gedarel. This way, the doctor can determine whether there is going to be any interactions between the two medications and advise you on what other steps you may need to take to protect yourself from pregnancy.

The following medications may make the pill ineffective or cause other problems such as vaginal bleeding. If you take antibiotics, epileptic drugs such as phenytoin, carbamazpine, barbiturates or primidone, drugs to treat HIV infections or drugs to treat fungal infections such as griseofulvin, then the pill will not be effective. If you are going to be on any of these medications for a long period of time, you are advised to use another method of contraception, as the pill will not effectively protect you from pregnancy. If you are using the medications for short-term use then you are advised to use an extra method of contraception such as condoms.

Some herbal remedies can also affect the contraceptive pill, especially St Johns wort that is used to treat depression. If you are using any type of herbal medication, tell your doctor to make sure that it will not have an effect on the contraceptive pill. Also, some drugs may not be effective if you use the Gedarel such as medicines that contain cyclosporin or some anti-epileptic drugs. Sometimes the doctor may need to increase the dosage of your medication to counteract the pills effects, which can increase side effects, or they may decide that Gedarel is not a suitable method of communication for you to use.

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