Missing Dianette

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If you are using Dianette as a contraceptive method, not just as a treatment for your skin, it is important you remember to take a pill a day every day for 21 days. If you miss pills, you will not be protected from pregnancy.

If you miss one pill and it is under 12 hours since the time you were supposed to have taken it, take that pill now and continue the cycle as normal. You should still be protected from pregnancy, as long as it was in that time period.

If you are more than 12 hours late taking the contraceptive pill or you have missed more than one pill, you will not be protected from pregnancy. Take the last missed pill immediately and ignore the previous pills. You need to continue with the pack and check how many pills you have left because if there is less than seven, you need to move straight onto the next strip. You will miss out a withdrawal bleed by doing so. You will also need additional contraception in  this time. If you have had unprotected sex during the time in which you missed pills, you could be pregnant, especially if you missed the pills at the start of the cycle.

Losing a pill

It is important that you take a pill every day in order to be protected from pregnancy so if you lose a pill you still need to take one. If you miss out the pill, you will not be protected from pregnancy. You can either take the last pill from the strip instead so that your cycle is a day shorter at the end of the strip, which will not affect the pills success or you can take a pill from another strip. Then you can keep this strip as a spare strip in case you lose another pill, so you will always have backup.

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