Taking Femodette

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Femodette is classified as a 21-day pill and is taken like the majority of other combined contraceptive pills. Each strip will contain 21 pills, one for each pill day. You need to take a pill from the strip that is marked with the correct day of the week at a time that is convenient for you. From then on, you must take a pill once a day at the same time every day to ensure that the pill will be effective. Therefore, most women choose to take the pill in the morning or just before they go to bed because they are more likely to be at home to take it.

Once you come to the end of the 21-day strip, you stop taking pills for seven days. This allows your body to have a withdrawal bleed, which is like a period but will not last as long and may be shorter. You must start a new pack of pills on the eighth pill free day. If you leave the pill free break any longer, you will not be protected from pregnancy, especially as the first pill in the pack is the worst pill to miss in terms of effectiveness. Sometimes you may not have finished your withdrawal bleed by this time but you must take the pill regardless of whether you are still bleeding. For the first few months, you may have bleeding irregularities and may not experience a withdrawal bleed. This is normal if you have taken the pill correctly, but if you miss more than two or have unusual heavy bleeding throughout your cycle, contact your doctor.

The best time to start the pill is on the first day of your period, as you will be immediately protected from pregnancy. Most women wait until this time to start their pill cycle, as it is the most effective. However, you can start at any time during your period but you will not be protected from pregnancy and will need to use extra contraception for the following seven days.

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