Triadene and Pregnancy

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If you want to try for a baby, Triadene is easily reversible. All you need to do is stop taking the contraception and you will not be protected from pregnancy. Sometimes, it can take a couple of months for your body to return to normal and you may not get pregnant straight away but the pill will not affect your fertility. It is also advised that you wait until you have experienced a regular period so that you can tell your doctor when this was so that they can work out your due date.

If you are pregnant, you must not use Triadene. If you think that you might be, take a pregnancy test for confirmation and visit your doctor. If you are pregnant, you need to stop using the contraceptive pill immediately. Do not stop using the pill until you are sure you are pregnant. Talk to your doctor for further advice on the matter.

If you have just had a baby and are breast-feeding, you should not use Triadene. Most doctors will advise against using it because it can affect your milk flow. The levels of oestrogen in the pill will reduce your milk production and you may not produce a sufficient amount to feed your child. It is best to wait until the child has been weaned off breast milk because you can also pass on some of the hormones to the baby and the effects of this are not known.

If you are not breast-feeding and want to start using Triadene, you can start taking the pill 21 days after you have given birth. You must be fully mobile in order to do so because your risk of blood clots is higher after you have given birth. You will need to use additional contraception for the next seven days when you start Triadene.

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