What affects Synphase?

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The pill can be made less effective by a number of things. If you do not use the pill as instructed, there is a higher risk of pregnancy. You need to maintain the correct level of hormones throughout the strip so if you disrupt the flow, there is a chance you could fall pregnant.

Medications can also affect the pill. Some can stop the pill from working properly so you need to mention any medication that you take to your doctor so that they can make sure that there are no adverse interactions. HIV medication or anti-epileptic drugs will make the pill less effective.  A number of antibiotics such as rifabutin and Rifampicin will also stop the pill from working. Anti-fungals also have a similar effect. Some drugs used to treat anxiety or sleeplessness such as phenobarbitol may affect the pill. If you are using these medications for a short period of time, your doctor may advise you to continue with the pill but use extra protection throughout your medication and seven days after use. However, you may need to switch contraceptive methods if you are going to be using the medication in the long term, to one that is not affected by your medication.

If you have sickness or diarrhoea, you may not be protected from pregnancy. The pills hormones may not have entered into your blood stream by the time you are sick. Take the tablets as normal but you need to use additional contraception throughout the remainder of your illness and then for seven days after you are better. You should treat the illness, as a missed pill so be aware that you will not be protected from pregnancy.

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