Who Can Use Loestrin?

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Women who are under the age of 40, are healthy and have no other medical conditions that could be aggravated by the pill can be prescribed Loestrin. Your doctor will carry out a consultation, asking about your lifestyle and medical history in order to determine whether you are suitable for the contraceptive pill. Unfortunately, not everyone is suitable for Loestrin because it has been linked to some diseases and can aggravate some medical conditions. Some lifestyle factors contribute to the risk of these diseases and mean that using the pill would pose too much threat to your health.

Circumstances where Loestrin should not be used

You should not take Loestrin 20 or 30 if you have any blood disorders because the pill has been linked to increasing the risk of blood clots. These include sickle cell anaemia, if you have had blood clots in the past, high blood pressure, problems with your blood vessels, high levels of blood fats or if your family has a history of blood clots. Also, the pill has been linked to a slight increase in the risk of hormonal cancers so if you have had breast cancer, cancer of the womb or the cervix, you will not be prescribed Loestrin.

The pill has also been linked to slightly increasing the risk of some rare liver diseases so if you have liver problems such as hepatitis, jaundice or tumours, the pill is not suitable for you. Other medical conditions that should not be used in conjunction with the pill are heart attacks, strokes, vaginal bleeding, and severe headaches. Also if you smoke or are extremely overweight, you should not use the pill.

Using Loestrin with caution

In some conditions, you can use the contraceptive pill, as long as your doctor determines it is safe and you attend regular check ups. The pill has been known to aggravate certain medical conditions but you can use it as long as it does not have any adverse side effects. If you feel that your condition has been made worse by the pill or you experience any of these conditions for the first time, tell your doctor immediately.

You can use the contraceptive pill with caution if you have diabetes, kidney problems, gallstones, depression, epilepsy, fibroids, chloasma, multiple sclerosis or otosclerosis.

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