Who Can Use Marvelon?

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The contraceptive pill is available to any woman that wants to use it but you must be suitable in order to do so because the pill can affect certain women’s health. Some women should not use any form of the contraceptive pill because it can pose too much of a risk to their health. The pill has been linked to certain diseases and if you have any of these diseases, you will not be suitable for the pill.

Some women should not use the contraceptive pill at all. If you have any form of blood disorder such as blood clots, high fat levels in your blood or high blood pressure, you should not use Marvelon. You should also not use the contraceptive pill if you have or have had breast cancer, cervical cancer, cancer of the womb or cancer of the ovary. Conditions such as gallstones, vaginal bleeding, jaundice, rashes called pemphigoid gestationis or systemic lupus erthematosus should not be used in conjunction with the contraceptive pill.

There are some conditions that can be aggravated by the pill. You can use Marvelon with these illnesses but you must attend regular checkups to ensure that your condition is not aggravated. You need to look out for signs to make sure that your illness is not getting worse and if it is, you must tell your doctor who may change your contraceptive pill. You can use the pill with caution if you have diabetes, sickle cell disease, kidney problems, liver problems, epilepsy, headaches or gynecological problems such as fibroids.

If you notice that your medical conditions are getting worse or you are experiencing adverse side effects, tell your doctor. Also, if you experience any of these illnesses for the first time, you should report the symptoms to your doctor who will determine whether you can still use Marvelon.

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