Who Can Use Synphase?

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This form of contraception is not suitable for everyone. The pill is linked to a few risks and if you already have certain illnesses, the pill could pose too much of a risk to your health. There is a chance that the pill could aggravate your illness so if your doctor decides you are not suitable, you will not be able to use Synphase.

Some women should not use the contraceptive pill.  Synphase may have adverse effects on their health and lead to life threatening conditions so if you have a history of blood clots, heart attacks, strokes or have high levels of fat in the blood, you should not use the pill. You are also not suitable for Synphase if you have or have had any cancers that are affected by sex hormones such as breast, womb, cervix and vaginal cancer. The pill has been linked to some rare liver diseases so if you have liver tumours, jaundice or chronic liver disease you should not use Synphase. The pill should also not be used if you have unexplained vaginal bleeding, pruritis or have severe migraines.

Some women can use the pill with caution. In these cases, the pill may or may not aggravate your illness. You must attend regular checkups to ensure that there are no adverse effects from using the pill. If you find that your illness has gotten worse or that you experience any of the conditions below for the first time, you must contact your doctor. Synphase can be used with caution if you have headaches, epilepsy, tetany, poryphryia, sickle cell anaemia, depression, varicose veins, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, chloasma, gallstones, fibroids, multiple sclerosis, otosclerosis or asthma.

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