Who is Suitable for Logynon?

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Although millions of women worldwide use the contraceptive pill, some women are classed as unsuitable. This may be because they have other medical conditions that the pill may aggravate and it is too much of a risk to use the pill in conjunction with these illnesses. When you visit the doctor for Logynon, you will need to give a thorough description of your medical and family medical history so that the doctor can make sure that by giving you the contraceptive pill, you are not risking your health.

If you have ever had a form of cancer that is affected by hormones such as breast cancer or womb cancer, you are not suitable for Logynon. You must also not use the contraceptive pill if you have any blood problems such as blood clots, high blood pressure, blood fat metabolism problems, heart disease or sickle cell disease. The pill contains oestrogen that can aggravate these conditions and cause your blood to clot more readily. Also, if you have diabetes with complications, jaundice or liver problems, vaginal bleeding or a hearing condition called otosclerosis, you are not suitable for the pill.

In some cases, you can use the pill in conjunction with other medical conditions. You will need to be monitored closely because the pill has the potential to aggravate some illnesses and the doctor will need to make sure that it is not having any adverse effects on your health. If you suffer from depression, migraines, asthma, tetany, chloasma, poryphryia, multiple sclerosis, and fibroids or have kidney of liver problems, you can use Logynon as long as you are careful. You can also use it if you are obese, have a family history of breast cancer or have varicose veins. If you notice that any of your conditions become aggravated or you develop any of these for the first time, report it to your doctor. It may be that you will need to stop using Logynon.

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