Who is Suitable for Yasmin?

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Some women should not use the contraceptive pill. Certain illnesses and conditions can be aggravated by the pill and can cause complications so using Yasmin in conjunction with these conditions would be dangerous. Sometimes, you can use Yasmin with caution, provided that you attend regular checkups and you monitor your illness closely.

You should not use Yasmin if you have blood clots, high levels of fat in the blood, damaged blood vessels, extremely high blood pressure or problems with blood clotting. You should also not use the pill if you have ever had a heart attack or a stroke. Other conditions such as liver disease, kidney failure, severe migraines, unexplained vaginal bleeding, pruritis or pancreatitis would stop you from using the pill. Cancers such as breast, womb, cervical or vaginal cancer will mean that you are not suitable for the pill.

In certain cases, the pill can be used with caution. You will need to attend regular checkups to ensure that you are still healthy and that the pill is not having any effect on your illness. You can use Yasmin as long as you attend regular checkups if you have epilepsy, gallbladder problems, sickle cell anaemia, Crohns disease, Hemolytic uremic syndrome, chloasma, hereditary angiodema, depression, liver problems or diabetes. If you have ever experienced illness due to pregnancy such as jaundice or hearing loss and they reappear whilst using the pill, you need to tell your doctor immediately. If your condition worsens whilst using Yasmin, you may not be able to use this method of contraception.  Also, if you experience any of the conditions listed above for the first time, you need to report these to your doctor.

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