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With air travel and hotels abroad cheaper than ever it’s no wonder that many people are heading abroad these days to realise their cosmetic surgery dreams. It is not uncommon now to find that a 2 week stint abroad, including the cost of the surgery, is cheaper than the procedure alone in the UK. Sounds great? Obviously, however, it’s not always as black and white as it appears. There are multiple risks attached to getting surgery abroad, most notably because standards and regulations in other countries are not the same as they are in the UK. Needless to say then, that should you pick the wrong clinic, or suffer any complications, this could land you in some serious problems.

There are, however, a few ways you can limit the risk-factor in heading abroad for your surgery.

Health, Care and Safety Standards

The key differences to thoroughly research are those of the standards and regulations. What is considered acceptable, both in term of the treatment and care you receive, may differ in the country you are choosing to travel to. This could leave you feeing uncomfortable or dissatisfied.

As well as looking into what differences in regulations might exist, when you’ve found some clinics you think you’re interested in you should scrutinise the terms and conditions of the quote to make sure it includes everything you think it should. This includes quality after-care which some cheaper surgical companies may leave out to cut costs.

Check Your Surgeon

Make sure you research your surgeon as much as you possibly can, and ideally choose one who you have heard accounts about from previous patients. Make sure that the surgeon is correctly qualified, and, should the qualifications for the country you have chosen to travel to be different, make a conscious effort to understand them so you can verify. It may be a bit of a pain, but it’s worth the effort.

It’s worth noting that by going abroad you risk seeing a substandard surgeon, which is arguably one of the reasons your treatment will be cheaper than it would be in the UK.

This may sound scary and unpleasant, but keeping this in mind is important as it will drive you to find the best surgeon you can for what you can afford, and ensure you pick a clinic you are completely happy with.

Companies to Help Alleviate the Stress

With surgery holidays having taken off in the way that they have over the last few years, it’s no great surprise that companies are now springing up offering to help you organise what can be a stressful process.

These companies can be a complete godsend as they not only provide you with a clinic, but also with accommodation and with some companies also insurance and other services, such as chauffeuring between your hotel and clinic.

If you’re particularly busy these companies can be very useful also as they may not require as much research. Many of these companies offer testimonials of their facilities and services, which is the kind of thing you would be looking for in researching any surgeon. Having said this, never rest on your laurels. These services probably offer fantastic clinics and surgeons, but you shouldn’t take that as a given. You should always be looking into exactly what it is they are offering and make sure that it matches your standards and expectations. Also remember that these companies may only publish positive testimonials and also that some of their clients, who have offered these testimonials, may not have the same criteria or expectations that you do. It’s also worth noting what is included in their price and what isn’t, particularly regarding insurance which of course will be vital.

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