After Buccal Fat Removal Surgery

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After buccal fat removal surgery there are a few temporary lifestyle alterations you’ll have to adhere to in order to ensure you heal quickly and properly.

As this procedure is so quick and so un-invasive you’ll probably be going into your hospital/ surgical suite as an outpatient. This means that you will be in the hospital for less than 24 hours and so will require someone to take you home on the same day as you will be unable to drive.

Return Visits

After leaving the hospital you will still need to make a couple of return visits so your surgeon can check that you are healing correctly and that desirable results have been achieved. The first of these visits should take place about a week to 10 days following the procedure, during which your sutures will be removed (unless dissolvable ones are used). The second visit will be a general check-up to verify that the healing process is going as it should and to give you the ok to return back to exercise, work and normal activity. Equally your doctor may tell you that you are currently unable to do this, which is why these appointments are very important.

Side Effects and Guidelines

For the first 3 weeks you’ll need to do two very important things. For at least the first week you need to keep your head elevated at all times, including whilst you sleep. You can achieve this by sleeping on two or more pillows; however a reclining bed is the best way to do this. For all of these first 3 weeks you need to avoid exercise and any kinds of strenuous activities. This means that those with more active jobs may be unable to return to work for sometime. For those with desk jobs that don’t require too much talking you should be able to return to work about 3 days to a week following the operation.

For the first day following surgery contact with the face should be avoided, which means you won’t be able to wash your face or wear make-up. After this first day of recovery you will be ok to do this should you wish. You’ll also find that for the first couple of days soft foods will be the only ones that you can eat. For the first couple of weeks you’ll also need to avoid more chewy foods in order to limit the amount you chew as much as you can. Along with this you should try to stay away from salty foods as this can help to reduce swelling. Rinsing your mouth out after meals will also help to keep the incision areas nice and clean and ensure no food particles enter them.

You should also be advised to avoid vigorous activity, such as contact sports, for at least 6 weeks. You should be able to gage a better idea of when you will be able to return to such activities after your second follow up with your doctor, as this will largely depend on how well you are healing.

The reason you will be asked to avoid these sports, and to take it easy for the first 3 weeks following your surgery, is that raising your blood pressure could have serious consequences, including posing a risk of internal bleeding.

If you are a smoker you should also be avoiding this for a period of time which should have been pre-agreed with your surgeon. Remember that smoking prohibits the healing process so it is imperative that you take this temporary abstinence seriously.

All of this advice, and more, should be relayed to you by your doctor and nurses both before and after the surgery.

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