What Should I Do Before Agreeing to Buccal Fat Removal?

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Research is obviously very important, and you should ensure that before you book anything you have a very strong idea of what you want and how the procedure can achieve it. You should know all the risks and complications involved, understand the process of the surgery and have a good knowledge of the surgeons and surgeries you are considering.

However there are some things other than research which can help you to make your decision easier and give you a better understanding of buccal fat removal or any other cheek reduction methods you could have open to you.

Communication is vital when making any decision as big as surgery.

Talk to the Surgeon

Most obviously, you need to communicate well with your surgeon. You should never book to have surgery performed without having had a consultation to discuss the procedure beforehand. During your consultation you should feel able to be completely honest with the surgeon about all aspects of your health, attitude towards the surgery and expectations of it. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this you should find a new surgeon with whom you do feel comfortable. Without full disclosure you are putting yourself at risk of either medical complication or dissatisfaction with the results.

Communication with the surgeon doesn’t just lie on your side though. Your surgeon should also be very honest with you, and that includes being open about risks of surgery. Whilst of course you want a surgeon who will be reassuring, if they fail to address any concern you have, or fail to address the idea of complication at all, this may not be the kind of surgeon you want caring for you.

Too much openness from your doctor could also indicate this. Although it is helpful for your surgeon to make observations on your appearance and recommend surgery which they feel would better achieve the desired results, if they start making unrelated remarks or offering you additional, unrelated procedures, you should question their professionalism.

Talk to Your GP

If possible you should also discuss the procedure with your local GP who can talk you through some of your options at no cost. As you may have to pay for consultations with some, more reputable, surgeons, it pays to be absolutely certain the surgery is what you want. One way of establishing this is by seeing your GP as not only can they provide you with the benefit of a professional medical opinion, but also talk about your options in relation to your personal medical history.

Talk to Your Family

You should also discuss surgery with your family before going ahead. Whilst the decision is ultimately yours to make it will impact on your family, inevitably, in some way or other – especially if you have children. Although many are reluctant to speak to their partners or loved-ones about surgery for fear that they will dissuade them, it only serves to your benefit to have heard the whole argument, for and against surgery, before making an informed decision.

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