Why Have Buccal Fat Removal?

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There are many reasons you could seek this kind of treatment. The general reason you might wish to have this procedure done is to reduce a full face. For this problem buccal fat removal could have multiple desirable results such as a more proportioned face, a more tapered face structure, a more chiselled appearing jaw-line and a generally thinner looking face. This description of a ‘full face’, however, is rather general as this procedure will produce slightly different results depending on your face shape and structure before the operation.

Chipmunk Cheeks

Buccal fat removal is most commonly recommended for those with ‘chipmunk’ or ‘hamster’ cheeks, providing the ideal solution for this problem. For ‘chipmunk’ cheeks, buccal fat removal surgery will give your face better proportions, which can look more natural.


Cheek reduction surgery works very well on those with a rounded face; more commonly referred to as ‘moon face’. For people with this face-shape what the procedure will offer is more contouring to give your face more structure and a more chiselled appearance.

Big Jowls

If you have big or puffy appearing jowls (the area of fat in your lower cheeks and jaw) this kind of operation could also be of benefit as it will give the jaw a more angular appearance which will also make the face appear thinner. Big jowls can be the reason for a generally chubby looking face, and so if this is the problem you are experiencing, and are looking to slim the face and add more structure, buccal fat removal could be an ideal solution.

Whatever your reasons for seeking this procedure if you decide, after extensive research, that you would like to receive buccal fat removal surgery it’s important that you discuss your procedure, and it’s results, at length with a qualified and reputable surgeon. Your surgeon will not only be able to help you decide if you are suitable for this procedure but will also be able to provide you with a good idea of what can be achieved for you and recommend the best options open to you in your personal circumstances.

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