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Considering the fact that buttock implants can cost anywhere between £4,000 and £7,000 in the UK, it’s not surprising that many people looking for the surgery choose to go abroad for more competitive prices.

Why go abroad?

The main reason why you might consider going abroad for buttock implants is cost. Many people in the UK favour European destinations because of how cheap flights can be to popular locations like Belgium and Prague. The facilities in many of these instances match or exceed the quality and high standards of top end cosmetic clinics in the UK. So with the option of saving some money for a potentially better service, why not look abroad for your buttock implants?

Where should I go?

There are very many popular destinations for these medical holidays, and some examples include Latvia, Prague, and Belgium. So where should you go for your surgery? With so much choice the answer is more about finding a clinic you can trust in the price range you’re looking for. Typically you can find buttock implants for as little as £2,000-£3,000 abroad compared to the £4,000-£7,200 range in the UK. That being said, cost is far from the only factor when deciding where to go. You also need to consider travel and accommodation costs, which tend to be very reasonable in Europe but significantly higher in other popular locations like the Philippines or US.

Perhaps the most important thing to consider however is how reputable the institution is. The best way to determine this is by looking for reviews and testimonials online, and if possible, visiting the clinic yourself before committing to the surgery. Again if the clinic in question is based in Europe, it can be much more convenient to go for a free consultation and evaluate the clinic yourself.

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