Are Buttock Implants Available On the NHS?

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The cost of private surgeries in the UK can be staggering, and so you may be looking to get buttock implants on the NHS. Unfortunately the NHS very rarely covers cosmetic surgery.

When does the NHS cover cosmetic procedures?

The funding of NHS procedures is run by PCTs (Primary Care Trusts) responsible for keeping hospitals within budget. On occasion a PCT will review a case and decide that an individual’s health is very dependent on a particular cosmetic procedure. If there is a medical motivation to a cosmetic surgery, the first step is usually through your GP who will give you all the information you need before referring you to a consultant. It is the consultant who has the final say in the matter, and they often request that you have a psychological assessment to determine your mental suitability for a procedure. Bear in mind however, that cosmetic surgery on the NHS tends to be subject to long waiting times.

What cosmetic surgeries are available through the NHS?

While some surgeries are available through the NHS, as discussed above, they tend to be specific types of procedures. The most common including breast implants because of developmental problems or severe asymmetry and breast reduction because of chronic back pain. A rhinoplasty (nose restructuring) will be done if you have trouble breathing because of the shape of your nose. If your eyelids are affecting your vision then eyelid reduction can be provided. Finally abdominal surgery after a pregnancy or medical abdominal surgery because of excess skin.

Unfortunately buttock implants are not part of this list. That being said, if there is sound medical reasoning behind the need for buttock implants then it is possible that the surgery would be available under the NHS. However that is the only circumstance when that would be possible, and otherwise buttock implants remain a matter for private practice.

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