What is a Buttock Implant Made Of?

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An implant is placed in your body and left there, so it’s only natural that you wonder what exactly makes it up and whether or not it’s safe to have it in you.


A buttock implant is unique in the sense that your buttock muscles are exposed to much more movement and stress than any other part of your body. Breast implants, for example, can afford to be fluid filled because you don’t sit down on your breasts, you do however sit down on your buttocks, and so these cannot be fluid filled lest they leak or rupture. You do more than just sit down on your buttocks however, the Gluteal muscles include the body’s largest muscle, the Gluteus Maximus, which is used in all kinds of everyday movements from walking to lifting loads.

What this means is that your buttock implant needs to meet certain requirements in terms of its durability and robustness. It needs to be able to with stand these pressures and exertions, while also remaining soft enough to the touch that your buttocks feel and look natural. The material must also retain its shape and not flatten or deform over time.

Materials used in buttock implants

Silicone implants actually fulfil these criteria, and allow for manufacturing implants that are exactly what you need. Broadly speaking, silicone implants have been around for over half a century in different shapes and forms, and as medical technologies have improved, so have the quality of these implants.

Silicone’s usefulness as an implant material comes from that it is available in many different formats and that it doesn’t induce a reaction from the body’s surrounding tissues. What this means is that the implant is not rejected by your body, and that it can be shaped or prepared in a number of different ways according to your needs. For instance, breast implants are a gel filled silicon, while buttock implants are a soft solid silicon. The former mimics the fatty nature of breast tissue, while the latter is closer to the firmer musculature of the buttocks. While in the past these implants have been reported to have an artificial feel both to the bearer and to the touch, nowadays an experienced surgeon can prepare and provide implants that look and feel natural.

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