Why Would I Get Buttock Implants?

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Cosmetic surgery, while popular, remains the source of some controversy amongst the public today. While many people who are unhappy with their appearance choose to go down the plastic surgery route, others argue that the option of doing so encourages people to be unhappy with their bodies. So why would anyone get buttock implants?


The main and most obvious motivation for getting buttock implants is appearance. If you are unhappy with how your buttocks look then you might be motivated to have implants put in to alter their shape and appearance. How we look is a big part of how we feel about ourselves, and you might be one of many who feel less confident because of the appearance of a certain part of your body, in this instance, your buttocks. While the subject is a matter of controversy in society today, if you find that your feelings about your appearance are affecting your lifestyle and confidence, then having a chat with a doctor is a good way to sort out whether implants are for you.

Social pressure

Surrounded by pictures of skinny celebrities with sizeable busts and buttocks, there is a great deal of social pressure exerted by the media that can make you feel inadequate in terms of how you look. This pressure can be strong enough to drive some of us to do something as drastic as arrange cosmetic surgery, however, it might not be the healthiest motivation in that one procedure may lead to another in your pursuit of the media’s portrayal of ideal beauty.

Social pressure can also exist in the form of peer pressure. Mockery and bullying can make anyone feel self-conscious and even ashamed of their appearance, also driving a need or desire to make radical changes like cosmetic surgery. Again this is an area of some debate in today’s world, but at the end of the day it comes down to what is best for you and how you feel. Consulting a doctor about what you’re going through is a good way of sorting through what it is you really want, and whether taking the option of buttock implants will be good for you in the long term.

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