Alternatives to Buttock Implants

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If you are unhappy with the appearance of your buttocks and are looking to change their appearance, then buttock implants aren’t the only option available to you. There are other ways of altering the appearance of your buttocks in the way you want to.

Buttock implants

Before delving into the alternatives, it’s worth having a quick look at buttock implants, you may find that they may be the choice for you after all. A buttock implant is a surgically placed silicone implant that augments the appearance of your buttocks, usually by making them appear fuller and rounder. The silicon is in a ‘soft solid state’ which is unlike the liquid filled versions used in breast implants, which means that it won’t rupture or leak when you sit down on it.

The implant is either placed directly into your buttock muscles (called the Gluteal muscles) or into a fibrous casing of these muscles. The former is generally used on skinnier people who don’t have much fat. The implant is actually planted by means of a small incision, only a few inches long, at the top of the buttock. If you are concerned about scarring, there is only a small risk of scarring when the procedure is well performed, and typically the wound heals and is all but invisible about a year after the surgery.

Supportive underwear

The first and simplest alternative to cosmetic surgery is the use of padded underwear. While by no means a permanent change, this option is a simple and cost effective way to alter the appearance of your buttocks if you’re concerned about having a flat or shapeless bum. The best thing about this option is that it doesn’t involve surgery!


While time consuming, exercise and weight training can alter the appearance of your bottom by strengthening and enlarging the muscles of the posterior chain, a group of muscles running along your back which includes your Gluteal muscles.

Brazilian butt lift aka fat injections

Fat injections are a widely used to technique to effectively reshape your buttocks. This technique is also referred to as the Brazilian butt lift, and essentially involves the movement of fat from other parts of your body into your buttocks to alter their appearance. Typically fat is removed from the abdominal area (an added bonus for some) and placed in strategic locations in and around your buttocks to round off and enlarge them. Transferring fat is only part of the procedure however, as most surgeons will also first use liposuction to sculpt the area as a whole. Liposuction is the mechanical removal of fat, and the areas targeted are the lower back and thigh for example as when thinner these areas improve the appearance of the buttocks.

Each of these methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, so what it comes down to is what suits you best. If you prefer to avoid surgery there are more natural ways to improve the appearance of your bum like exercise or padded panties. However if you are looking for a permanent surgical change, both fat injection and implants are good options that yield great results.

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