How Much Do Buttock Implants Cost?

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As an elective cosmetic procedure, buttock implants are not covered by the NHS, meaning that you will have to arrange to pay for the surgery yourself. As this is the case, costing is very important for most of us.

In the UK the cost of buttock implants can be in the range of £4,000-£7,200. The cost is reflective of the tricky nature of the surgery and the particularly strong and robust implants that are used. Your buttock muscles are involved not only in sitting down, but in walking around, lifting, running, and a dozen other activities that mean any implant must be able to withstand these pressures without moving around or rupturing.

Buttock implants abroad

If you are looking to get buttock implants but are concerned about the cost, then you can opt for going abroad for the treatment. Medical holidays, where people go abroad for cheaper healthcare, are becoming increasingly popular as most procedures are found to be significantly cheaper abroad. For example buttock implants in Belgium can cost as little as £2,850 compared to about double that in the UK. Similarly implants are available in the US for £2,900. The advantage, however, of arranging a surgery in an EU country tends to be the convenience and cost of travel when compared to a transatlantic flight to North America.

Many clinics abroad that provide ‘medical holidays’ will arrange your accommodation for you. These facilities are often top end and staffed by experienced and professional surgeons. It’s important however to ensure that any clinic you are looking at abroad is established and reputable, and it’s worth going over for a consultation yourself as the internet can be deceiving.

Paying for your buttock implants

Most clinics can be quite flexible in terms of how they take their payments. You can usually pay by way of any major credit card, or by cash or cheque if you can. Some provide finance options, offering you an interest free monthly payment plan over twelve months for instance, or a longer term repayment plan which bears with it some interest. Your surgeon will normally discuss your options with you during a consultation and help pick which is the best option for you.

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