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Travelling Abroad for Labiaplasty

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Going elsewhere to have surgery will always appear a cheaper option, and having a labiaplasty abroad is no different.  It is likely that the surgery will cost you around £1000 less that it would to have it done privately within the UK.  However, you must remember to take all of your costs into account.  Depending on where you decide to have the surgery you will need to pay for travel, which could amount to quite a high figure.  On top of this accommodation can also be quite pricey, and often any aftercare that you might require is not included in the price.  If you wish to have the surgery abroad then you must make sure that you:

  • Research the credentials of your surgeon and make sure that you are happy with their level of skill and experience.
  • Look into any hidden costs, such as travel and hotels.
  • Talk to someone else who has already had the surgery at the clinic you are considering.
  • Ensure that a proper consultation takes place to determine the need for surgery and to allow you to meet your surgeon beforehand.
  • Ask about consultation and aftercare plans and fees.

Having surgery abroad can seem like a good idea, but it is also potentially risky. 

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