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Before you have your labiaplasty you will have to have a consultation and an examination by your surgeon.  This is highly necessary in order for them to fully assess you, decide on whether the surgery is the right course of action to take and how best to prepare for it in order to make the procedure as safe as possible.  Your surgeon will also take a urine and blood test to determine your health.

During your consultation it is important to ask any questions that you may have about labia reduction surgery.  This is your opportunity to put your mind at ease over the risks associated with the procedure and the recovery from the operation.  It also gives you the opportunity to meet your surgeon before the surgery takes place.  Your surgeon will be happy to discuss all of this with you, and would rather you asked questions if you weren’t sure about it. 

The consultation session also allows your surgeon to assess you.  It is likely that they will do an examination in order to determine the extent of your problem and decide whether the surgery is completely necessary.  With the increased media attention given to female bodies, and the pressure women are under to appear perfect sometimes people might have a complex or a confidence crisis over something that is perfectly natural and normal.  They will ask you questions about how the over-sized labia affect your life, this may be physical or emotional, and about your expectations for the labiaplasty surgery.  Sometimes what you want to achieve is not attainable, in which case your having the surgery needs to be questioned. 

Sometimes your surgeon will take photos of your labia in order to properly see the difference made by the surgery after you have fully recovered.  This can also help you both to come to a mutual agreement over the amount of excess skin that will be removed and the look of your new labia. 

A consultation is a very necessary part of the process and you will not be able to have a labiaplasty without having one.  It is very important that you meet your surgeon and you both are reassured that the surgery is the best step to take. 

It is easy to make an appointment for a consultation, usually you just need to contact the clinic that you are considering and book one over the phone or by email.  Often the consultation is free of charge, and can help you decide whether or not surgery is the right thing for you to do. 

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