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The biggest concern about labiaplasty surgery is that a lot of the time it is not necessary, and people are placing themselves in risk for no real physical reason.  Because of this, and the large increase in people having the surgery, certain physicians have raised concerns about the ethics of labia reduction and are looking at other treatments for this condition.

The main reason why people want a labiaplasty is because they are concerned about the appearance of their vulva, and wish to conform more to the images seen in magazines or the socially perceived ‘norm’.  In reality all women are different, and the size and shape of both the labia minora and majora will vary accordingly.  Creating greater awareness of this at a younger age would allow more girls to feel reassured that they aren’t wrong or different to anyone else. 

Counselling is one approach that can help someone feel reassured that the surgery is not necessary.  This can be used to address instances where the labia might be enlarged, but aren’t causing any physical problems or any pain or discomfort.  A psychologist can help you to feel more confident about your appearance, as well as offer help with relaxation during sexual intercourse to make it less painful. 

There are no non-surgical answers to having your labia reduced.  If you have a real physical problem or a medical issue regarding the size of your labia minora, then a labiaplasty is the only way to fully rectify or address this.  You can make things more comfortable by wearing loose clothing and cotton underwear to prevent any rubbing. 

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