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Preparing for Labiaplasty

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In order to ensure a good recovery and a good result from your labiaplasty it is necessary for you to follow all of the advice offered to you by your surgeon.  They are likely to ask you to:

  • Stop smoking.  If you smoke it can seriously affect your recovery and could lead to unnecessary complications.  You are likely to be asked to stop smoking a week before the surgery and throughout your recovery period.
  • Stop drinking.
  • Keep healthy.  The fitter you are the more likely your recovery time will be less.  Also, if you experience and illness close to the surgery then it is important to inform your surgeon as this might compromise the results of your labiaplasty or put other patients at risk.
  • Avoid certain medications or supplements.  Certain medications will thin the blood and can increase the risk of loss of blood during surgery.  It is also possible that your surgeon will recommend vitamins to you in order to help your body prepare for your labia reduction.
  • Plan your recovery.  Following your operation you will not be able to drive for 24 hours and are likely to be in pain for a few days.  It is very helpful to have someone on hand to help you throughout these few days. 

Your surgeon will give you details on how best to prepare for your labiaplasty during your consultation.  It is important that you follow their advice if you wish to make your operation as stress free and safe as possible. 

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