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After your labiaplasty you will need to follow all of the advice given to you by your surgeon.  It might also help if you:

  • Use cold compresses to help ease the swelling
  • Run warm water over the vaginal area while urinating to reduce the burning sensation caused by ammonia over the wound
  • Wear loose undergarments for two weeks after the surgery to prevent rubbing
  • Shower regularly
  • Wash the vaginal area after every toilet visit
  • Avoid sitting for the first few days after surgery.  It is best to stick to bed rest as much as possible
  • Do not use tampons or have intercourse for six weeks following your labiaplasty in order to allow the wounds to heal successfully

Your surgeon will give you specific advice concerning medication and let you know when your post-operative consultations will be.  They will want to see you to ensure that the wounds are healing properly and that the labia are even and a correct shape.

If you have any concerns then you ought to ask your surgeon for advice.  There are risks to all types of surgery, and although labiaplasty is considered relatively safe there is still a risk of infection, blood clots and bleeding.  If you are in any doubt then your safest option is to seek medical advice just in case there is something seriously wrong.

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