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Labiaplasty is considered a relatively safe procedure and the majority of women who have it are pleased with the results.  Only 5-7% of labiaplasties require any additional procedures and any complications are usually easily remedied.  It might take a while, up to two months, for the full result of your labiaplasty to be apparent, but once all the healing has taken place the area will feel completely natural and will look like nothing has ever happened.

Having a labia reduction can seriously enhance your self-esteem and confidence, making the appearance of your vaginal area less of a concern.  It can also help you to feel less discomfort when participating in sports such as running or cycling, preventing any soreness from sexual intercourse or from any rubbing on tight clothing.   This can make such a difference to your life, allowing you to get on and stop worrying about such activities, as well as potentially cutting down on the number of urinary or yeast infections if this was previously causing you problems.

To get the best results with the fewest risks it is important that you choose a skilled and experienced surgeon, follow all of the advice given to you and allow yourself a calm period of time to recover. 

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