Aftercare and Recovery Period from Pectoral Implants

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An important part of surgery is the recovery period which can often be improved by the type of aftercare you receive; this can often vary from clinic to clinic within the UK or within surgeries abroad. It is important that when you are choosing a surgery you consider what is provided in the clinics aftercare package.  As every individual is different the recovery period may also vary as your body can react in a different way than someone else’s. At all times you should follow advice and time frames given to you regarding your recovery, this will ensure that you stay safe and recover at a steady rate which will bring about the best results available to you.

What type of aftercare is usually provided?

With most surgery you will be provided with a specific aftercare team who will deal with any complications or queries following the completion of the procedure. Some clinics will offer you advice and guidance throughout your recovery period via telephone or email, or may just provide you with leaflets detailing what to do during the recovery process. You will be provided with additional checkups post-operation to ensure that you are recovering correctly and that no additional surgery or treatment is necessary.

How long is the recovery period?

Following this type of procedure it is usually common that in the first few days following the surgery you will experience some pain while your wounds heal. You may experience some swelling and bruising which will go down within time. Some patients may also have a drain fitted to remove excess fluid from the affected area, these will usually be removed within 24 hours after surgery. During your hospital stay which is usually around one night, you will be provided with any pain relief you require, following your discharge from hospital you may also take over the counter pain killers. The pain should subside within several days. You will be required to wear bandages or a support dressing for between 7 to 14 days, this will ensure that your body recovers correctly with the right amount of support, and no stretching of the incisions occur.  Most people will feel back to normal within 2 to 3 weeks, however at this point you should still stay away from strenuous exercise or stretching, you may return to work however at this point as long as your manager is aware that you will not be able to undertake this type of work. Most men will be fully recovered and able to return to regular exercise around 6 weeks after the procedure. As everyone is different the recovery period will vary from person to person, you should ask your surgeon and the medical team what their opinion is on how fast you will recover as they will be able to provide you with details which are more associated to your case.

Is there anything I can do to ensure a successful recovery?

You should follow any advice or guidance given to you from the medical team at the clinic; this will ensure your recovery period is successful and as quick as possible. You should also give up smoking, as smoking increases the blood flow which may increase your risk of infection.  You should refrain from any strenuous activity including exercise and stretching for at least 3 to 4 weeks. This will ensure that your scars heal successfully and your body gets used to the implants slowly but surely. Your scars will begin by looking red and lumpy, however will fade to purple and eventually will fade – you can use scar reducing creams which are on the market to assist with this, you should ask the advice of a medical professional whether there is anything they would recommend.

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