Pectoral Implants Surgery - What Happens?

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The most daunting thing surrounding surgery is possibly the surgery itself, however if you familiarise yourself with the process as well as discussing with your surgeon and medical team what the process includes you will hopefully eliminate a substantial amount of nervousness. You will of course experience a certain amount of nervousness and this is natural, following advice and fully understanding the procedure will assist with these nerves. You should prepare correctly for the procedure, as well as follow any advice given to you from the team to ensure that you are fit for surgery.  Another helpful tip is to be open and honest with your surgeon and their team this will ensure that you know exactly what is to occur during the procedure.

Procedure details

This kind of procedure will usually take between one and two hours and will be completed under a general anaesthetic.  As surgeons techniques will differ as well as the type of implant used the procedure may differ slightly in detail – you should discuss with your specific surgeon what will occur during you procedure specifically. The majority of procedures however will be carried out by a small incision being made in either the armpit or under the chest; through this incision your surgeon will create a ‘pocket’ underneath the chest. This pocket will be the area in which the implant is placed. Once the implant is placed correctly your surgeon will stitch the incisions made.

Preparing for the procedure

Another important aspect of surgery is the amount of preparation which you will be required to complete to ensure you are safe, suitable and ready for surgery. Many patients may be asked to quit smoking prior to surgery, as smoking can increase your risk of infection and can cause problems when your body is healing. Other individuals may be required to lose weight to ensure their safety for surgery. You may also need to follow specific diets prior to surgery. These requests may vary from clinic to clinic, and you should ask about what is expected of you prior to choosing a clinic, as you should give yourself enough time to prepare for the surgery. You should ensure as well that you have given as much detail as possible concerning your expected results; this is to reduce any risk of disappointment after surgery. Make sure that you are confident in your decision and that you alone have decided to go ahead with the surgery without the influence of anybody else, you should however ensure that you have the support of both family and friends around you, this will assist when reducing any stress which you may find associated with the surgery.

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