Complications & Risks of Pectoral Implants

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Complications and Risks associated with surgery are a factor which you should also consider, as your surgery will be completed under a general anaesthetic there are risks and factors associated with this. As well as complications and risks linked to the procedure itself, you should familiarise yourself with the symptoms and types of risks present to ensure that if you are to experience anything you can get it treated and dealt with immediately. Of course it is at the forefront of the medical team and the surgeon’s mind at all times that you stay safe, and you can help by providing as much information about your medical past as possible as well as following any advice given to you with regards to improving your suitability for surgery.

Types of complication or risk

With any surgery completed under a general anaesthetic there is an increased risk of side effects or complications occurring this can often be caused from an allergic reaction to the anaesthesia. You will find that when you wake up following the procedure that you may experience slight dizziness or nausea this will eventually wear off once the anaesthesia wears away. Surgeons are fully trained to deal with any complications which arise from a reaction to the anaesthesia, so be aware that it will be dealt with immediately and professionally should this occur. You may also experience that the incisions created from surgery can sometimes become infected, this is uncommon however but will be dealt with immediately should this occur. Prior to leaving the clinic you will be provided with advice on checking the wounds and ensuring that they heal correctly, this advice should at all times be followed! Other risk factors include the implant being placed incorrectly, or not being held in place correctly, this will be corrected through additional surgery, and in some occasions the implant may need to be fully removed if this complication occurs – it is however very uncommon, but it should be noted that it can happen.

Is there anything I can do to reduce or eliminate these complications and risks?

Following surgery your medical team will provide you with advice and guidance to ensure that you recovery is as good as possible. These guidelines should be followed throughout your recovery to ensure that you do not experience any complications, or at least you are able to reduce the risk of anything occurring following the procedure. Prior to surgery you should ensure that you give up smoking for a substantial amount of time or for good, as it can affect the blood flow which will increase your chances of infection and may also affect the healing process of your scarring. You should also note that once you have made a full recovery your chest will still be able to act as a normal chest, so you will not need to alter your daily activities.

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