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Finding the correct surgeon and medical team is just as important as the surgery itself, the team will provide you with the confidence and advice you need to achieve the realistic results that you are expecting. To ensure that you are provided with the outcome you require you should at all times be open and honest with the team and surgeon.  You should with most things surrounding surgery complete substantial research and you can compile a list of specific questions to ask during a consultation with the team. This will help you to establish the suitability of the chosen surgeon and their team, as well as building your confidence and awareness surrounding the surgery.


It is required that all surgeons within the UK as well as abroad will hold a medical degree, meaning that they will have studied for a specific amount of time when training for the profession. The time in which study is required will vary from country to country. As well as holding a medical degree the surgeon will need to have a certain amount of experience within the specific area, they will be required to have completed procedures similar as well as the same as the surgery you are looking into. Surgeons with the UK are required to be registered with The General Medical Council, and they will have a number which reflects this member ship. Not only will they be required to hold membership to here they will also be associated with various other organisations. The more organisations the surgeon is registered with can offer you an insight into how experienced they are; often the additional organisations will run training sessions to ensure your surgeon is as contemporary and safe as possible. As well as ensuring the surgeon is fully qualified you should also ask about their medical health teams qualifications, as well as considering the experiences that they have all had. You should consider how previous surgeries have been completed, as well as taking into account complications and how complications have been dealt with. When looking at surgery abroad it will be similar to surgery within the UK however the associations will differ, usually the clinics will have various profiles of their surgeons detailing experiences as well as qualifications. The best way to ensure that the surgeon you are looking at is the best surgeon for you is to attend a consultation in which you are free to ask as much as you like.

What should I ask the surgeon?

It will be useful for you to compile a list of questions to ask you surgeon, as well as writing down what your outcomes are, you should be realistic and ensure that you are as honest as possible, this will avoid any dissatisfaction following the procedure. Types of questions which you might like to ask are

  • How much experience have you had in this area?
  • Where did you train?
  • Where will the implant procedure be performed?
  • How many procedures like mine have you completed?
  • Have you ever come across complications during these?
  • How would you deal with complications?
  • What type of training have your staff had?
  • Are my expectations realistic?
  • What is provided from your aftercare?
  • Can I contact any of your previous patients?
  • How long should I take off work?
  • What should I do to prepare for pectorial implant surgery?
  • How long will the results last?
  • How long will I need to stay in Hospital?
  • Is there any pain associated with the surgery?

These are just a few of the questions which you might consider, everyone will differ and the answers that they require will be varied. Therefore you should take your time when compiling this list and you should ask EVERYTHING you need to, the surgeon and their team will do their best to answer them. As most consultations within the UK are free you will have an opportunity to attend as many as you wish at different clinics, a good piece of advice would be to build up your own profile on certain clinics which impress you – you can then compare each of your choices with one another. If you are considering surgery abroad you should enquire as to whether a consultation is available to you, usually these are chargeable, and you may be able to discuss any questions via email or over the telephone. This is something that you should contact the clinic about.

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