Pectoral Implants on the NHS

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Surgery on the NHS is an option when considering Pectoral Implants, however you will be required to provide specific information which proves that you meet specific guidelines and that the surgery will in some way assist your quality of life. With surgery on the NHS it can often be a lengthy process due to your case being considered by numerous associations. You may also face a wait once you have been accepted as often hospitals have to share out their funding carefully and slowly to ensure that they never run out of funding.

How likely is it to get this type of surgery on the NHS?

As Pectoral implants are often associated with personal reasons it can be difficult to receive funding from the NHS. As with all cases considered for funding your case will be looked at separate to other cases, and will be considered by various associations. There is a slight possibility that you may be a candidate for NHS coverage, this will be if you are looking at surgery to improve an existing problem which is affecting your chest. Some men will have experienced certain disorders or even been involved in an accident which might have affected your chest, and if this is affecting your quality of life or self confidence then surgery on the NHS may be an option for you. If you are able to provide evidence that without the pectoral implant surgery your life is seriously being affecting through problems like depression or severe self confidence problems then your case will be passed on from your GP to a clinic within your region which deals with this problem.

How is funding applied for?

Once you have been referred to a local clinic which deals with this type of surgery your case will then be assessed and your situation will be taken into account.  Your case will also be considered by the primary care trust; this trust will ultimately make the final decision on whether you are an ideal candidate for this type of surgery and whether or not funding is available to you. If you are successful then your name will be placed on a waiting list and you will be referred to a clinic, surgeon and their team.  You will find however that there might be a substantial wait prior to your surgery being completed, this is due to a number of reasons – Reasons include the specific clinic only receiving a set amount of funding which is shared equally throughout the year on similar surgery to yours, you may also  be required t wait as there may be a shortage in specific surgeons within this area as it is not one of the most common surgeries covered by the National Health Service.

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