Having Pectoral Implants Abroad

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It is often highly appealing when considering going abroad for surgery as the prices can be up to 80% lower than those prices within the UK. Clinics abroad often offer various packages which can include accommodation, travel and the procedure to packages which just include the procedure. If you are considering surgery abroad you should complete a substantial amount more research than if you were to undergo surgery in the UK. You should look into what is covered by the cost, as well as what type of aftercare and assistance will be provided for you following surgery. Many Clinics will often require that you are able to provide a good reason for wanting the surgery as well as being fit for surgery.

Cost of Surgery

The cost of surgery from country to country will vary as well as from clinic to clinic within the same country. You should expect to pay from as little as £1,461 (India) to prices as much as £3,500 across Europe. Prices will range from around £1,500 to the £4,000 mark and may cause some confusion when having to decide on where to go. You should also consider whether or not your accommodation and travel is included within the price, and if not you should then look at how much these extras will cost for that specific country. You should also look at what the cost covers in terms of guidance and aftercare concerning the procedure, and whether or not you are able to get a consultation with a representative of the clinic within the UK.

How am I expected to pay?

Surgery abroad will require payment in a different way as surgery in the UK would. It is usually required that payment for the procedure is paid prior to your entry into the country, the time period that it must be paid in will vary but the majority of clinics will require the money at least 28 days in advance of your surgery. Often this is a struggle to provide the full amount straight up, some men may have the money saved which of course will eliminate this problem, whereas others may not have access to the amount needed. You therefore have two options available to you, save the money and wait for surgery, or consider a loan from a bank or building society. You will need to pass a credit check for the loan and you will offered loans which you can deal with when paying back the money, the faster you pay the money back the lower the interest rate will be.  When considering surgery abroad some clinics will offer you a package including the procedure, accommodation and travel expenses, however other clinics will only offer you the procedure price. You will therefore need to research into the travel and accommodation expenses associated with the trip, and you should bear in mind that these cost may be additional when working out your finances for the surgery.

Factors to consider when looking at surgery abroad

It can often be very daunting for anyone who has chose to go abroad for surgery, the best way to deal with the nerves is to research as in depth as possible. Factors which you may need to consider are whether or not the surgery is what it appears to be, it might look perfect on the website but in reality it might not be what you expect. You should research into whether or not the clinic you are interested in provides an opportunity to attend a consultation within the UK, this is an opportunity to meet representatives for the clinic and ask the questions you need to ensure you are choosing the right clinic. These consultations usually cost around £100 and will need to be booked in advance, so contact the clinic and enquire into this area. You will also need to consider that in different countries, different qualifications will be required and various experience will be found from surgeon to surgeon, you should again research into this area and ensure that you find someone who is qualified and experienced as much as you deem necessary.  You should also consider that it is often difficult for surgeries abroad to deal with emergencies if anything is to go wrong on your return to the country, so you need to conduct thorough research into the aftercare which the clinic will provide for you. Some clinics will have a representative clinic within the UK which is trained to deal with aftercare and emergencies, as well as consultations and advice for prospective patients. These factors are extremely important to consider, and you should not just book a procedure on cost alone, take everything into account to ensure you are safe and that the surgery and clinic is up to the standards which you require.

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