Are Mini-dental Implants Available Privately?

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Mini-dental implants are an amazing dental technology which can benefit people using artificial teeth, and particularly those who, for any one of a number of reasons, can’t make use of fully sized dental implants. On account of their smaller size, mini-implants can be fitted through a less invasive procedure than their counterparts, making them accessible to people who are medically unable to go through invasive surgery. Moreover the smaller size of mini-implants means that they are significantly cheaper than standard implants, and allow for fitting into jawbones that have suffered resorption.

These benefits are accessible here in the UK from a number of different sources, and in this article we look at the private provision of mini-dental implants here in the UK.

Private mini-dental implants

Like most dental care in this country, mini-dental implants are largely offered through private dentists, although there are instances where medical necessity can prompt the NHS to cover the costs of the procedure. Mini-dental implants are offered in dental practices across the UK, and all it takes is a quick search or phone call to find out whether a particular practice is offering this form of implant.

Dentists trained in the application of mini-dental implants and oral surgeons are the professionals who would normally be responsible for applying the treatment. These individuals are trained and experienced in the procedure by which mini-dental implants are placed into specially drilled sockets in the jawbone. Your dentist or oral surgeon is also essential to your care after the procedure, which would involve regular check –ups and appointments to ensure that your mouth is recovering as it should, and that the implant is fusing with the jawbone in the appropriate manner.

Factors affecting the cost of private mini-dental implants

Finding a private dentist offering the service can take some time, and for many people the quality of the dentist is one of two considerations, the second being the cost of the procedure. While mini-dental implants are significantly cheaper than the standard dental implant procedure (usually about half the equivalent cost), the surgery can still cost thousands of pounds. When looking for a private dentist or oral surgeon you will undoubtedly find a range of prices, and these are influenced by a number of different factors which include the experience and qualifications of the dentist or oral surgeon involved, the location of their clinic (which often affects the end cost as things like overheads are considered when pricing), and the nature and design of the implants being used.

Mini-dental implants will come in a range of different dimensions and from different manufacturers. The product you wind up having will undoubtedly affect the final cost of the overall procedure, and it is worth having a look at a number of options before deciding on which one you prefer.

There is a lot of choice in the private sector when it comes to dentists able to supply mini-implants, it is always worth looking into each dentist you are considering for past reviews and the like to make the most informed choice possible, and therefore get the most for your money.

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