Mini-Dental Implants to Stabilise Dentures

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Since their first invention, dental implants have been re-engineered to meet the needs of the many diverse dental needs of a modern population. This means that regardless of your own personal situation, there are undoubtedly a set of implants suited to you. Mini-dental implants are an extremely popular innovation in the field of implant technologies, with many people who would otherwise not be suited to fully sized implants able to make use of the smaller versions. Due to their size, mini-dental implants can offer some distinct advantages, and in this article we look at whether or not this particular implant technology can be used to stabilise dentures.

Can I use mini-implants for my dentures?

Mini-implants are designed with the same essential function as their larger counterparts in mind, despite their smaller size. They work as artificial dental roots, replicating the role played by the biological roots which lend support and stability to normal teeth. Mini-implants can do so quite effectively despite their smaller size thanks to a process called osseointegration, a remarkable phenomenon which is exploited in implant procedures and in other limb and joint replacement therapies. Osseointegration is essentially the term used to describe the process by which the bone of our jaw fuses with the titanium of an implant to form single, stable structure.

Osseointegration is important in the workings of full-sized implants as well, but because of the smaller size of mini-implants, this process is absolutely critical to the long term health and function of the mouth. You can use mini-implants to support dentures thanks to osseointegration and the stability it confers.

Each implant is placed into a drilled socket which completely immerses the implant but for a small protrusion at the top known as the head. Implants can be fitted to the heads of each implant, and multiple implants are needed per jawbone to effectively support and maintain a set of dentures. Thus far mini-implants have proven remarkably successful in their capacity as supports for dentures.

While mini-implants are effective in supporting dentures, they are limited by their size to this particular role. This is because the smaller size of mini-implants means that a set of them are needed to offer lasting support. A single mini-implant would not be able to offer lasting support to a single artificial tooth, unlike their larger counterparts which are able to effectively act as roots for crowns and single bridges. This is an important restriction that should be borne in mind when considering mini-implants and their suitability for your needs. Your dentist will probably advise against mini-implants if you are looking at replacing and supporting a single tooth.

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