Binovum and Other Medications

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There are a number of drugs that can interact with Binovum. They either make the pill ineffective or Binovum can affect other medications effectiveness. Therefore, you should tell your doctor if you are on any other medication so that they can check it won’t be affected by the pill.

If you have to take antibiotics such as Rifampicin or rifabutin, the pill will not be effective. If you need to take the antibiotics for longer than two weeks, it is best to use another method of contraception because there is no point in taking contraception that is ineffective. Other medications that affect the pills success are anti-epileptic drugs such as phenytoin, carbamazpine or topimirate, barbiturates, anti-HIV medication, a fungal medication called griseofulvin or modafinil which is prescribed to treat excessive sleeping. Also, if you take the herbal remedy of St Johns Wort to change your mood, it will change the pill.

There are a number of medications that the pill will also affect. It may cause the concentration of some medications to increase in your blood, which means you may experience more side effects from them. These medications include lamotrigine, which is given to treat epilepsy, theophylline for asthma, cyclosporine which stops transplant injection and prednisolone, which is a steroid drug given to treat inflammation.

You need to mention to the doctor prescribing you Binovum, if you are taking any of the medications above. If you are and you start the pill, it will not be effective in preventing you from pregnancy. The likelihood is, that the doctor will not give you Binovum but will suggest another type of contraception that does not interfere or is not interfered with by other medications. If you are taking medication that is not mentioned above, you still need to tell your doctor as the medications listed are not the only ones that may affect the pill. By telling your doctor, they can check that the medication you are on will not affect the effects of Binovum.

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