Binovum and Pregnancy

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If you think you are pregnant, you must take a pregnancy test and visit your doctor for confirmation. If you are pregnant, you must not use Binovum. The pill will not cause harm to your unborn child, however, the hormones make your uterus less favorable for the baby to grow. It is not suitable for you to use Binovum if you are pregnant.

 If you have had a baby, then you can start Binovum once again, 21 days after birth. If you take Binovum in this time, you will be protected from pregnancy straight away. You can take it at any other time after 21 days but you will need another method of contraception, as you will not be protected from pregnancy. Therefore, you should use condoms for seven days after starting the pill. However, if you are breast-feeding, the pill can reduce your milk flow so it is recommended that you use another form of contraception until you have stopped breast-feeding.

If you want to become pregnant, then simply finish your last cycle of Binovum and stop taking it after your withdrawal bleed. It may take a couple of months for your body cycle to return to normal but your fertility will not be affected by Binovum. It is best to wait until your periods return to normal before trying for a baby because your doctor will try to work out when your baby is due based off the last period you had, so knowing when your last regular period was is an advantage.

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