Brevinor and Other Medications

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If you are using other medications for various conditions, there is a chance that the pill could either interfere with the medications or that they could make the pill less effective. If you are on the long term medications that render Brevinor less effective, it is advised that you don’t use this method of contraception as there is no point taking the pill if it is not going to be successful.

If you are on drugs to treat epilepsy, arthritis or tuberculosis, these drugs will affect the pill and make it less effective. Antibiotics are also a major drug area that will render the pill ineffective. If you are on the pill and are given antibiotics for less than two weeks then you need to use another method of contraception temporarily. You should also start the next pack straight away if you finish a strip of pills in the time you are taking extra precaution. If you need the antibiotics for the long term, then it is best to switch to a method of contraception, which will continue to be effective whilst taking the antibiotics. Some sedatives can also lower the effects of Brevinor and if you take St Johns wort, a herbal remedy, it can reduce the effectiveness of the pill so you mustn’t use these two medications in conjunction with each other. 

It is important to remember to let your doctor know that you are on the pill if you are going to be prescribed any type of medication. You want to be fully sure that the medication you are about to be given will not affect the pill in anyway as it is a big risk to take if you are unsure. Also, if you need to go to the doctors and have a blood test, you must mention that you are on the contraceptive pill, as it can affect some test results.

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